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Welcome to OptYourLife!   Our advanced career aptitude test designed
to help you find the most suitable career and educational choices.

What is new about OptYourLife.com:

Traditionally, career aptitude tests have been used to give general directions for selecting a career path. However, these tests have a very limited scope and mostly regarded as modified forms of personality tests.

As you know, you are different from others. You have unique skills, interests, values, and abilities. Therefore, by discovering the right career or major for you, you can get the most out of your life. The first step toward this goal is to know yourself. Our comprehensive test helps you gain insight about your personality, memory, intelligence, reading skills, decision making abilities, etc.

Next, our neural network engine uses your test results to decide what career paths or majors best suit you. You can also check your compatibility with a large set of educational fields and careers before making a decision. In addition to helping you achieve better self-awareness, our expert system's advice can help you to be more successful in your life.

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Who can benefit from OptYourLife.com:

  • Anyone who wants to find a suitable field of study.
  • Anyone who wants to see if he/she has made the right career choice.
  • Anyone who is unhappy with his/her current job.
  • Parents who are planning for their children's future.
  • Anyone who has been laid-off from his/her job and is searching for better opportunities.

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